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Makiko Domen - Bio

Makiko (photo above) is a yogi and practitioner of Biwa Kyu therapy. She studied and graduated from the Buddhist Medicine School of Japan. In Japan she was teaching yoga and practicing the art of Biwa Kyu therapy to help heal people on the level of the body and the heart. Makiko’s yoga practice is strongly connected to her Biwa Kyu therapy. She feels like it brings life into balance and brings health and peace to Earth.

Makiko now lives on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Here she has a strong connection to the Natures energy. She lives at the Ninth House (photo below) surrounded by rice fields, with a Balinese family just north of the small town of Ubud. This is a wonderful place for her to offer her therapy because of the tranquility and harmonious spiritual life of the Balinese people.

The body has the power to heal it’s self. Biwa Kyu helps stimulate the body to initiate that self healing process and it boosts the immune system. This makes for a faster recovery from just about any illness.

A Biwa Kyu session lasts from 1 to 2 hours and is done wile the patient is laying down. A gentile heat is applied to specific acupressure points. This is done using a special device that controls the heat and distributes the essence of the Loquat herb. The sessions are very relaxing, healing and stress reducing.

Contact Makiko

Makiko offers sessions at the Ninth House in Bantayoung (just north of Ubud)
From Indonesia: 0361 743 9966
From outside indonesia: +62 361 743 9966
Or hand phone: 081 337 174 898

E-mail: Makiko @ BiwaKyu.com
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This is a short slide show of Makiko giving a session.


Conditions that can benefit from Biwa Kyu:

Frozen shoulder
Whiplash injury
Lower back pain
Ischialgia (hip gout)
Influenza (Cold)
Gonalgia (knee pain)
Hypometropia (false nearsightedness)
Tinnitus (buzzing in the ear)
Stomach problems
Female disorders
Slight thermoregulation disorder

Trigeminal neuralgia
Cerebral therombosis
Intercostal Neuralgia

Loquat Moxibustion Therapy – A 2500-year-old treatment that began with the Buddha

Over 2,500 years ago the Buddha began his mission of relieving suffering and sickness. In his teachings he reffered to the loquat tree as the “Medicine King” and its leaves as a “fan that blows away sorrows.” The loquat, he said, has the power to save.

When Buddhism was introduced to China, loquat therapy was incorporated with the local arts of acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal medicine treatment. In the mid-6th century Buddhism and Buddhist medicine arrived in Japan where this ancient system of therapy has been preserved.

This therapy acts quickly to improve circulation of the blood and chi – the obstruction of which is a main cause of many of today’s diseases. We recommend a combination of therapies aimed at eliminating circulation impediments through the use of new developments in loquat leaf therapy and the theories of acupuncture and moxibustion.

New developments in technology have greatly increased te effectiveness of loquat moxibustion, shortened therapy time, and eliminated pain and scarring from burns.

Effects of loquat moxibustion
1) Heat-Pressure Effect
2) Moxibustion Effect
3) Loquat Essence Effect
4) Physical Exercise Compression Effect
5) Antiseptic Effect
6) Heat-Cold Stimulation Effect
7) Yin-Yang Effect
Loquat Moxibustion Techniques
1) Yin-Yang Points-Hold Cautery
2) Linear Cautery
3) Mobility Improvement Cautery
4) Ability Development Cautery
5) Quick Remedy Cautery

1) Heat-Pressure Effect
The application of heat and finger pressure to certain parts of the body is a basic technique of shiatsu treatment. This results in improved blood circulation and stimulates the pressure points, enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.

2) Moxibustion Effect
Since ancient times wormwood has been used in the practice of moxibustion. Only from wormwood are the heat rays and vapors essential to the treatment process generated. Through our patented process we have created a special high-pressure moxa which significantly enhances the desirable effects of this wonderful material, while eliminating the pain and risk of burning the skin. Best results can be obtained by applying our new moxa to only a few of the body’s strategic points.

3) Loquat Essence Effect
According to the sutras, the Buddha once praised the healing properties of the loquat and its power to save. Modern medicine has proven that loquat does, in fact, have curative medicinal qualities. Through our research we have produced a concentrated loquat essence to which we have added ethanol to facilitate the skin’s absorption of the essence. The use of Biwakyu will certainly demonstrate the cleansing power it has on the blood as well as its power to assist your natural healing abilities.

4) Antiseptic Effect
Biwakyu acts as a complete antiseptic owing to the ingredients all contained in our product – ethanol, loquat essence, wormwood essence in vapor form, and the heat of the burning moxa. Biwakyu can be used as a general treatment of skin problems.

5) Lowering of body temperature
While using Biwakyu the surface temperature of the skin can increase by as much as 60 degrees Celsius. Immediately after removing the moxa, the temperature will decrease 40 to 50 because of the vaporizing effect. It has this cooling effect which stimulates the flow of chi and blood while also stimulating the nervous system – all of which contributes to healing.

6) Stimulation of the Pressure Site
Inside the rubber section of the Biwakyu Injection-Form Device used to place the moxa on the skin, is a hollow cylinder. Place the top of the device on the site to be treated. When the piston is pressed, the congested area under the skin returns to its normal condition. The way it works is this: air pressure on the outside of the device forces the congested area up inside the cylinder inflating the blocked veins and normalizing the circulation of the blood. This simple procedure not only immediately relieves congestion, but acts to purify the blood and enhance your body’s natural healing powers.

7) The Yin and Yang Effect
Good health is maintained when the positive Yin and negative Yang energies are in the correct balance. Accordingly, the illness and disease indicate an imbalance or disturbance in the yin-yang energies. Biwakyu is very effective in bringing the two powers back into harmony through the simultaneous loquat essence effect (yin) and the moxa effect (yang). This treatment based on the theory of the balance of bionic energies has long been known and practiced in Buddhist medicine.

The use of two sets of Biwakyu in conjunction with the Uchinuki technique of moxibustion can lead to immediate relief of pain from cancer and balances the energies of the body, restores normal circulation of the chi and blood, and enhances the natural healing abilities of the body.


Contact Makiko

Makiko offers sessions at the Ninth House in Bantayoung (just north of Ubud)
From Indonesia: 0361 743 9966
From outside indonesia: +62 361 743 9966
Or hand phone: 081 337 174 898

E-mail: Makiko @ BiwaKyu.com
(make sure to remove any spaces from the e-mail address before sending)

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